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PlpsR@dio 2nd June 2017
June 01, 2017 11:07 PM PDT

Today we welcome Jacky to the microphones as a newbie to the crew. Xavier, a newbie also, sat in to see how the show runs live across the school's airwaves. Matilda, Asha, Sara and Jacky host todays show. Abbie was the show's producer. Jake and Ali drop by to give the clue for the whereabouts of the radio bear that has just been hidden in the yard. Today we experienced some technical difficulties during but we managed to save the show. Listen to see how expertly Larissa managed the glitch. PS, enjoy a bit of Chopin. Enjoy!

PLPS R@dio 29 May 2017
June 01, 2017 10:54 PM PDT

Abbey, Harry (our junior radio captains) together with Madeline host today's show. They bring you the regular segments of the news, competitions and dad jokes. Larissa operated the desk. Great show guys. Enjoy!

Plps R@dio Mothers' Day 12/5/17
May 11, 2017 09:56 PM PDT
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This week the crew worked hard at putting this show together for all mums out there. Mikayla, Madeline and Maddy D host the show. We hear some more Dad jokes. Hey Mr. Jenner, (a brand new dad), we included your special one about the bison. Our competitions continue with 'Hide Radio Bear' and 'Guess the Secret Sound' returns. Mad C and Matilda hid the bear. He was found, but the secret sound was not guessed. That will roll over for next week. Can you guess what it is? Harry trained Larissa who worked the console today. Harry was on mics. Abbie was the producer. The whole crew made today's show happen. Enjoy. Happy mothers' day.

PLPS R@dio Live Term 2 5/5/17
May 07, 2017 07:14 PM PDT

Welcome back to term 2. Today's competition involves the whole school, after the show, trying to find the R@dio Bear hiding somewhere in the yard. The first to find it and bring it to the crew wins a prize from the prize box. Stay tuned till the end of the show for the clue; when Larissa and Madeline join the show. DJs today are Sara A and Madeline C & D. Harry and Abbie, the new junior radio captains, manage the playlist and console. A great job done by all in preparing for the show and making the live show work so well. Enjoy!

PLPS R@dio Live 30/3/17 EASTER SHOW
May 07, 2017 07:07 PM PDT
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This is the last show of the term before the Easter Holidays. The DJs continue the 'count and name the animal' competition and read the weekly news of the school. Jake, Maddy, Harry, Mikayla and Matilda host the show. The whole crew recorded a special Easter song about the Easter Bunny that plays out the end of the show. Enjoy!

PLPS Radio Live 24/03/17
March 23, 2017 10:00 PM PDT

Maddie, Madeline and Abbie, all newbies did a great job as today's DJs. Three animals were in the show as the sounds to listen for and count for the competition. The news is packed with events even a real fire! Harry was helped by Jayla on desk. Jessica was the producer. the music was especially for Senora Mangone. Enjoy

PLPS Radio Live 17/03/17
March 16, 2017 09:29 PM PDT

Jessica, Harry and Jayla put together this show for you. It contains animal noises for you to count and guess, news and some music to get you on your feet and moving. Jake was at the controls assisted by Keely operating the mics. Erin was shadowing the desk and console to learn the ropes.

PLPS Radio Friday 10 March
March 15, 2017 09:11 PM PDT
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This is a brand new team of grade 3 and 4 students. This is their first time on the radio show: Aditta, Keely, Deegan and Erin. They explain the new count and name the animals sounds competition. They did a great job with Harry on desk with some classical music to take out the show. Enjoy

PLPS R@dio 2017: 3/317
March 02, 2017 10:23 PM PST
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Welcome 2017! We have a new crew and new ideas. This show was quickly put together by some returning junior members: Larissa, Jayla and Jessica. THey were joined by newbie Taylor. Animals, animals everywhere during the recording. One was even pecking at Jessica's leg. Listen in and see what a great job these children did live on air on Friday 3rd March. Enjoy!

PLPS R@DIO Remembrance Day 11/11/16
November 10, 2016 08:48 PM PST
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The crew explain Remembrance day and the significance of the poppies. once again a tight show. Well done guys. Enjoy!

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